EM Salt one of largest Egyptian salt supplier whether sea salt or rock salt .
We are also iso 9001:2000, HACCP and FDA approved company .

– Rock salt supplier.

Our company produce Siwa  rock salt directly from our saline in Siwa to the Importers from all over the world with all approved analysis and quality certificates.

Siwa rock salt is the best salt for melting ice in Europe and the world, Also for industrial use .

Our  saline produces the best kinds of rock  salt, making the company one of the largest rock suppliers in Egypt basis following.

  •  Deicing rock salt.
  • Industrial  rock salt.

– Sea  Salt Supplier.

the company is characterized by producing the finest types of sea salt fm our saline in north Sinai where the clean environment suitable for the production of marine salt .

Many seawater purification and treatment processes are carried out through the company’s salt factories To produce industrial salt and table salt.

the company is keen to meet all the needs of its customers through the financing of sea salt as following type of sea salt manufacturing  .

  • Deicing salt
  • Industrial salt.
  • Table salt.
  • Vacuum salt.

Packing salt:-

Bulk salt

EM Salt have own store area inside Egyptian ports ( El arish , Damietta and Alexandria ) to supply our salt importers with the the quantities they need to cover the different markets in the countries of the world.

Packing salt

Through the company’s own table salt factories we can make all kinds of packing.

Packing 1000 kg per bag, bag of 25 kg each, bag of 50 kg each.




  Why Choose EM Salt?

The Leader in Its Sector

EM Salt  means choosing the Egyptian salt leader in bulk salt industry.

Salt: in great demand, especially in Europe countries and USA.

we offers high quality Egyptian salt either rock salt or sea salt.

We provide all packing of salt and bulk salt according customer request.

Fast-growing markets (Africa, Canda, USA, Eastern Europe, etc) are a key focus of our strategic development plan.

these markets capture more than  50% of Salt Business sales whether it is deicing salt , industrial salt or table salt.

Salt one of the most consumed commodities in the world,

Egyptian salt plays a pivotal role in the global share of salt exports. Egypt annually produces about 5 million tons of sea salt and rock salt.

 EM Salt A Company dedicated to innovation

Innovation is a strategic priority for the Company.

The company is always keen to develop the Egyptian salt industry.

through the use of the latest technology of the manufacture of table salt and other types,

produced through the factories of the company in Cairo and North Sinai.

we are leading country in the salt industry for thousands of years and currently occupies the 15th position in the world’s salt-producing countries.

Egypt is characterized by the presence of lakes and depressions, which are flooded by seawater.

which helped in the spread and establishment of natural and industrial solar lagoons on the shores of these lakes, as they are primary areas of concentration in the salt industry.

Bulk salt

is one of the world’s highest quality cultivars. A clean natural environment and natural lakes contribute to the production of the best types of sea salt.

In addition to the dry mountain desert environment in the Western Desert contributes to the production of high quality rock salt purity.







The salt Egypt is one of the purest natural salt in the world, where the pure environment, which  improve quality of extracted raw salt either sea salt or rock salt.


There is marine salt in North Sinai, which now includes the world’s finest salt salt, which countries are racing to import.

saline’s were developed by supplying clean and renewable water from Lake Bardwell .

establishing ponds for concentration, sedimentation and drainage areas to ensure the production of salt suitable for washing and refining treatment to produce the best types of salt .

high quality sea salt because of  environmental purity that is unparalleled in the world.

It is also located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea  its sun brightness throughout the year, as well as suitable soil far from all sources of pollution.

The saline of North Sinai are natural salines, and the raw salt produced there is suitable for the production of table salt and is in conformity with standard specifications.


rock salt (Siwa salt) Experts stressed that Siwa Rock salt has the highest concentration in the world.

salt siwa have high ability to melt snow from roads and airports.

Salt lakes or salines surround the oasis on an area of 55,000 feddans, lakes that produce a rare quality of salt, called “white gold” .

The Siwa salt has the highest concentration in the world, and is frequented by industrial and European countries.

siwa rock salt not only use in melting of roads and airports, but contains 1,400 elements also used in other industries.

including soap, artificial silk, oil refining, textile, chlorine, caustic soda, Toothpaste, detergents, refrigeration, rocket fuel, gunpowder, thermal bricks, sewage treatment and more.






Salt is mainly composed of sodium chloride, some potassium chloride, magnesium carbonate and potassium iodide.

Sodium has a key role in regulating water balance and acidity and alkalinity in the body.

The human body needs 1-2-3 milligrams per day, about one teaspoon or less of salt, for adult humans.

Salt is found in nature in private mines sourced from seas, oceans and salt lakes.

Extraction and manufacture of salt

iodized table salt It is often used for thyroid patients and populations of areas away from the sea and their food is deficient in iodine.

When buying iodized refined salt

  • It is sourced from a reputable company
  • The package shall be sealed Complete Data Printed on the packaging is the company name.
  • start date and end date of validity.

It is a traditional method known as the old method where raw salt,

is subjected to washing stages to purify it from the harmful impurities that are usually found in raw salt,

such as: (copper – lead – arsenic) to reach the ratio of impurities between 0.5 -0.7%.

then dried to reduce moisture,

r is usually packed with a purity of 98.5%. 



Why is ice melting salt used in roads during and before snowfall and low temperatures?

When water turns into ice, it changes from liquid to solid state.

Water molecules are organized in a very special (harmonious) manner in solid state at 0 ° C.

If we add salt it comes between the water molecules and prevents them from properly harmonizing, so the water stays in the liquid state and if temperatures fall below 30 in some of the compound salts.


Road Salt also plays a role in friction between road and vehicle tires and is sometimes mixed with sand to strengthen friction.


ice Salt

reduces the melting point of the ice so that the snow melts at a lower temperature, and the salt works on the snowfall The state of balance between melting temperature and freezing temperature, the rate of evaporation of the surface faster even if the temperature 0 Celsius, leading to the start of the process of solubility.

ice melting salt

In fact, the road salt does not dissolve the ice. All we can understand is that the salt on the road has a temperature higher than the road temperature at the confluence point. The heat moves and the snow dissolves in a limited way. But the truth is more complicated. The snow on the road is not dry. The salt will melt slowly. Thin salt water and a temperature where salt water is freezing less than zero, and what the facilities actually do is to dump the salt on the roads as soon as possible to avoid the formation of a lot of snow, and there is almost no effect of salting over a thick layer of snow

As for the ice-cream mixture, its explanation is more difficult, ice salt can be said to need energy to melt with a thin layer of ice water (this is a change in the state of the substance in some way) and derives that energy from the surrounding environment, especially ice. (Eg, a small bottle filled with frozen water, for example); what is important in this explanation is the conversion of energy (in addition to energy = heat here). Countries that are exposed to snowfall therefore import large quantities of salt during the winter to clear the roads of snow each year