Deicing salt

Deicing salt

This type of salt is used extensively to eliminate the snow that builds up on the roads in countries where the winter is cold and accompanied by heavy snowfall, which causes many traffic problems, so it has acquired a common name for deicing marine salt is Road Salt.

The use of rock salt and deicing marine salt is one of the best ways to eliminate the accumulation of snow on the roads, it generates huge profits in addition to the cost is very high, as well as low risks resulting from its use.

rock salt

rock salt


The best way to use this salt is to place it on places.

where the snow is collected, but its maximum effectiveness appears when it is applied on the road before it snow,

because it works on the two snowflakes directly, which prevents accumulation.

Eliminating the accumulated snow on the roads or preventing it from using very large quantities of rock salt to be sufficient to cover the large areas that need to be removed from the snow.

in fact, there are large quantities and available in many countries of the world,

but the biggest problem lies in the process Transfer salt from where it is located to where it is intended to be used.

The good news is that salt can be stored for very long periods in suitable dry places. With suitable logistics plans, there is no salinity for rock salt.

Several alternatives to road salt have recently emerged as an attempt to reduce the heavy costs of transport. These alternatives may be slightly more effective than rock salt.

However, these alternatives are highly costly, especially since the need for large quantities may make the production of these alternatives economically uneconomical.

On the other hand, there are many advantages that can be obtained from the use of rock salt,

in addition to achieving the factors of safety on the roads and its ability to prevent many accidents,

that can occur because of the accumulation of snow on the roads in the winter,

rock salt is very safe On the environmental side,

salt is a non-toxic substance and does not harm the body or clothing, but it is defective by metal corrosion.