Edible Salt/Table Salt


We are supply high quality Edible salt with fine grade and it tastes good.

We supply Refined salt in container with true natural nutrients,

and also with iodine value as per buyer’s requirement Also you will get Refined Salt filled with true natural nutrients,

Our table salt and other types of salts are quality, and highly demanded in the industry.

We are one of the foremost iodized refined salt manufacturers and raw salt exporters from Egypt. Table salt we offer world-class crushed refined iodized salt, fine refined iodized salt and other types of salt.

Sodium Chloride:98.5 – 99.0 %.
Soluble & Insoluble matters not more than1.35 – 0.9 %.
Insoluble matters not more than0.15 – 0.1 %.
Moisture not more than0.3-0.2 %.
Potassium Iodates 70 –30 ppmOr No Potassium Iodates.

: Packing

  1. * Polyethyline bag with inside poly propyline bag 25 kg or 50 kg .
  2. * Polyethyline bags 500, 300 & 250 gr.
  3. *Or as requested by the customer.