Vacuum ” PDV ” Salt )

 (Production Of Ultra Pure Sodium Chloride )

High purity – Vacuum salt ,

The uses of Sodium Chloride (Vacuum) Salt 

  • Used mainly for the production of caustic soda and chlorine by the electrolysis of a saturated solution of it.
  • Used as a main element in the production of sodium carbonate at the reaction of food grade Salt – Vacuum Salt (ultra pure dried vacuum salt) with limestone (calcium carbonate), which helps in the production of high purity sodium carbonate

Extra pure.

  • Comply with the health and international regulations
  • Reduce the time for the preparation of salt solution for medical purposes.
  • Reduce the cost of the chemical treatment.

Physical Properties:

  • Salt size: 0.01- 1.0 mm

Chemical properties:

  • Sodium Chloride 99.5 % Min
  • Water insoluble impurities ≤ 0.05%
  • Water soluble impurities    ≤ 0.08%
  • Moisture

Packing of: in Sack 25 kg pp bags or as customer request