raw salt is used in some industries and road de-icing .

Winter often means snow and black ice on roads and footpaths, posing dangers for traffic. Many years of experience have shown that the most efficient way to secure traffic safety is sodium chloride (NaCl) de-icing salt, Making roadways safe.


  1. * Produced by sea water evaporation process.
  2. * Contains the least proportion of insoluble impurities.
  3. * Large white crystals and different size crystal.
  4. * Included in many industries.
  5. * In accordance with international specifications.
Specifications: (dry basis by weight).
Sodium Chloride:97.00 – 98.00 %
Soluble & Insoluble matters not more than1.00 – 2.00 %
Insoluble matters not more than3.00 – 4.00 %
Moisture not more than4.0-3.0 %