EM Salt  Group . for Salt Industry established in 1997  and during the passing years had all the development; in addition to that, EM SALT built factories for washing and refining salt taking into account the social and environmental situation. EM SALT  based on main aims which are:

First: Providing a high-quality salt

product depends on the
feeding source completely free of any types of pollution. Also this salt
comes from the second purest environments in the world.

Second: Using the latest technology for salt industry.

EM SALT  establish a two factory for refining salt.

Establish  salt washing lines in the El-Arish and  Siwa

the ability to export raw, washed and salt used in all purposes the export of crude salt (road ,food , industrial , chemical industries and tanning skins

The ability to add material Ante cacking whether spraying method or on the dry method

Our company has exported to most countries of the world such as America – England – Scotland – Italy – Turkey – Greece – Lebanon – Syria – Canada – Seychelles- Ghana – Techad – Cameron- Cyprus

” Salt ” associated with human civilization. History records mention that ancient Egyptians knew salt, used it and organized salt trading. Also Herodotus mentioned that the ancient Egyptians used ” Salt ” to keep fish, sardines, ducks salted.
Since the human knew ” Salt ” he used it not only for daily use as food, but also he used it in place coins and held deals by ” Salt “, also paid salaries and brides. By that, ” Salt ” became a source of political power, and confined his trade in Europe for kings. In addition to that, there were revolutions and wars held because of ” Salt “. As the special importance of ” Salt ” Arabian people established special markets known as ” Salt Markets ” in the countries

The  Company for the export of salt is considered the first private sector company engaged in the extraction and refining and export of salt, so the el arish saline – North Sinai and siwa  Salinas.

company has also set up a plant for refining and drying and the production of the purest types of salt in Egypt.

Possibilities: The company has three Salinas are:

Two saline in  north Sinai productivity of 400,000 tons / year

Siwa saline 900,000 tons annually

Work in the production and extraction of salt and the development of salt pans about 30 years ago