About us

EM SALT  establish a two factory for refining salt .

Establish  salt washing lines in the El-Arish and  Siwa

the ability to export raw, washed and salt used in all purposes the export of crude salt (road ,food , industrial , chemical industries and tanning skins

able to supply salt different image in terms of naturalization and classification of 1/2 mm to 12 mm

The ability to add material Ante cacking whether spraying method or on the dry method

Our company has exported to most countries of the world such as America – England – Scotland – Italy – Turkey – Greece – Lebanon – Syria – Canada – Seychelles- Ghana – Techad – Cameron- Cyprus

” Salt ” associated with human civilization. History records mention that ancient Egyptians knew salt, used it and organized salt trading. Also Herodotus mentioned that the ancient Egyptians used ” Salt ” to keep fish, sardines, ducks salted.
Since the human knew ” Salt ” he used it not only for daily use as food, but also he used it in place coins and held deals by ” Salt “, also paid salaries and brides. By that, ” Salt ” became a source of political power, and confined his trade in Europe for kings. In addition to that, there were revolutions and wars held because of ” Salt “. As the special importance of ” Salt ” Arabian people established special markets known as ” Salt Markets ” in the countries