table salt is a commodity that must be carefully selected at the time of purchase,

some of the problems that come in the priority for food salt is:-


  • where some companies use a mixture of unhealthy salt which is rust, iron, arsenic.
  • in addition to the quantities of harmful pesticides, this mixture gives a taste of salt but not a saline component.

Compliance with standards:-

  • Some companies working on table salt manufacture with small non-standard equipment to produce salt.
  • few of them take on international standards and under supervision and inspection from the ministry of health .

 manufacture of table salt.

in order to manufacture the food salt, there is some factors must be available in saline before use it for salt industry,

  • saline must conform to specifications geological  studies.
  • shall be carried out to identify the nature of saline land.
  • suitable to extract clean salt free of harmful impurities and mineral  before the extraction of salt.

how to know healthy food salt.

  • the salt must be well sealed packed, odorless, crystalline, quick-soluble, free from impurities, dust, and harmful substances.
  • corrosion can be identified by the presence of high moisture content which leads to the adhesion and aggregation of its grains.
  • salt color is not  white or have bad smell because it is extracted from stagnant groundwater or industrial and agricultural wastewater.
  • Type of table salt in EM Salt.

food salt is salt extract from one of our best saline in north Sinai rich with iodine.

  • Refined iodized coarse salt ( kitchen salt ),

packaged with high quality through processes in our factories in north Sinai and Cairo with high quality.