table salt is a commodity that must be carefully selected at the time of purchase,

some of the problems that come in the priority for food salt is:-


  • where some companies use a mixture of unhealthy salt which is rust, iron, arsenic.
  • in addition to the quantities of harmful pesticides, this mixture gives a taste of salt but not a saline component.

Compliance with standards:-

  • Some companies working on table salt manufacture with small non-standard equipment to produce salt.
  • few of them take on international standards and under supervision and inspection from the ministry of health .

 manufacture of table salt.

in order to manufacture the food salt, there is some factors must be available in saline before use it for salt industry,

  • saline must conform to specifications geological  studies.
  • shall be carried out to identify the nature of saline land.
  • suitable to extract clean salt free of harmful impurities and mineral  before the extraction of salt.

how to know healthy food salt.

  • the salt must be well sealed packed, odorless, crystalline, quick-soluble, free from impurities, dust, and harmful substances.
  • corrosion can be identified by the presence of high moisture content which leads to the adhesion and aggregation of its grains.
  • salt color is not  white or have bad smell because it is extracted from stagnant groundwater or industrial and agricultural wastewater.
  • Type of table salt in EM Salt.

food salt is salt extract from one of our best saline in north Sinai rich with iodine.

  • Refined iodized coarse salt ( kitchen salt ),

packaged with high quality through processes in our factories in north Sinai and Cairo with high quality.



  Why Choose EM Salt?

The Leader in Its Sector

EM Salt  means choosing the Egyptian salt leader in bulk salt industry.

Salt: in great demand, especially in Europe countries and USA.

we offers high quality Egyptian salt either rock salt or sea salt.

We provide all packing of salt and bulk salt according customer request.

Fast-growing markets (Africa, Canda, USA, Eastern Europe, etc) are a key focus of our strategic development plan.

these markets capture more than  50% of Salt Business sales whether it is deicing salt , industrial salt or table salt.

Salt one of the most consumed commodities in the world,

Egyptian salt plays a pivotal role in the global share of salt exports. Egypt annually produces about 5 million tons of sea salt and rock salt.

 EM Salt A Company dedicated to innovation

Innovation is a strategic priority for the Company.

The company is always keen to develop the Egyptian salt industry.

through the use of the latest technology of the manufacture of table salt and other types,

produced through the factories of the company in Cairo and North Sinai.

we are leading country in the salt industry for thousands of years and currently occupies the 15th position in the world’s salt-producing countries.

Egypt is characterized by the presence of lakes and depressions, which are flooded by seawater.

which helped in the spread and establishment of natural and industrial solar lagoons on the shores of these lakes, as they are primary areas of concentration in the salt industry.

Bulk salt

is one of the world’s highest quality cultivars. A clean natural environment and natural lakes contribute to the production of the best types of sea salt.

In addition to the dry mountain desert environment in the Western Desert contributes to the production of high quality rock salt purity.







ROCK SALT EGYPT PRODUCED BY EM SALT WHOM working in the field of extraction of rock salt from the Siwa Oasis, Qattara in Western Desert of Egypt, which is characterized as high sodium chloride, which reaches more than 99% and the moisture percentage than 0.5 % , to 1% with the production rates of up to one million tons a year.

DEICING ROCK SALT meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification D632 and is treated with yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) as an anti-caking agent.



NACL : > 98%

Moisture : < 1.5%

low sulfate

standard (ASTM) specification D632 type 1 , bs 3247


EM SALT  warehouse

EMSALT WAREHOUSES Have proper lighting and natural ventilation holes.

facilities of non-flammable materials, and have  more than one exit.

All wiring and electrical equipment inside the vehicle according to the store’s assets and technical specifications.

that ensure the safety of the stores from the risk of fire is not allowed to make any modifications or additions only under the supervision of those responsible for the electricity.


Proper ventilation follows the expiration date (which reportedly the first-out basis).

Proper monitoring of the goods on the shelves, packaging the goods in an optimal way.

EM SALT Anxious to pay Attention to clean the stores and then work on the classification of products and materials stored and arranged.




EMSALT  wanted to automate its packing salt line by replacing its manual valve packing operations with exactly the same kind of technology,

The automated system illustrated below is an example of a complete line built with our salt bagging and packaging equipment. This line is equipped with a net weigh scale.

PACKAGE : In PP  woven bag lined with PE film,net weight 50kg/bag or 25kg/bag.



Advantages of Our PP Bags


PP bags weigh less than traditional paper bags, which reduces freight costs

bags consume less space and will fit more unfilled bags on a truck, which increases storage space in warehouse

PP bags  are strong, puncture & tear resistant, which reduces shrinkage from broken paper bags

P bags are resistant to moisture

PP bags  are 100% recyclable

Resistant to oil and grease

PP woven bags are widely used for packing.

Food Area: such as sugar, salt, flour, starch.

Agriculture Area: as grains, rice, wheat, corn, seeds:flour,coffee Beans, soybeans.

Feed: pet food, pet litter, bird seed, grass seed, animal feed.

Chemicals: fertilizer, chemical materials, plastic resin.

Load Bearing: 5kgs,10kg, 20kg, 25kg,50kg .. or as the customized


Storage : Should be stored in a cool, room temperature away from light, ventilated and dry place, you can stack up against the rain, not mixed with the acid-base storage, stack end to laying wood to moisture, stack up height of not more than two meters.



Table salt packing we supply to our customer high quality Refined salt with fine grade and it tastes good. We can supply TABLE salt in container basis as per buyer requirement with true natural nutrients and also with iodine value as per buyer’s requirement . Also, you will get Refined Salt filled with true natural nutrients.Our table salt and other types of salts are highly demanded in the industry. Our salts are known for their superb quality, taste level and their freshness. We are one of the foremost iodized refined salt manufacturers and raw salt exporters from Egypt. Table salt we offer world-class crushed refined iodized salt, fine refined iodized salt and other types of salt.