Qatara salt

qatara salt

qatara salt

Salt is gold Egypt in the coming years

Egypt has a wealth of natural rock salt in Qatara low and Siwa Oasis.

Qatara salines can be divided into 580 saline , each of 9 square kilometers.

The Qattara Depression, located in the north-western region of Egypt, lies 133 meters below sea level. The area is comprised of salt pans, salt marshes and sand dunes. The salt marshes cover an area of about 300 square kilometers. The depression came to exist under the forces of salt weathering and wind erosion.

The Qattara Depression salt, in its natural state, is indeed of the highest level of purity. The following table compares the purity level of Qattara salts to the famed Himalayan Salts of the Khewra mines in Pakistan:

Untreated Qattara Salt MinesQattara Salt after Initial Wash

Himalaya Salt
(Hand-Washed and Sun-dried)
Sodium Chloride98.35%99.05%99.21%

Siwa salt

siwa salt

siwa salt

Egypt has a variety of lakes, especially in Siwa, where it contains lakes that contain salt High up to about five times the salt water in the sea Siwa has a white gold oasis.

Lake Zaytoun is located east of Siwa with an area of 5760 acres and Lake Agurmi in the northeast of the oasis.

The area is 960 feddans and the Siwa Lake west of Shali city is approximately 3600 acres.

the lake of Al-Maraqi west of Al-Waha in the area of Bahi al-Din and an area of about 700 acres.

There are 9 other lakes rich in salt with a total area estimated at 55 thousand acres at a depth of 15 meters below the surface of the lake.

estimated the amount of salt in these nine lakes by about 60 million tons.

The color of the blue sky and the white cloud merge with the color of the blue water and the white precipitated salt, where it lies on its shores and inside layers of white salt that looks like ice




Calcium Chloride Ice Melt:


Calcium Chloride used by commercial businesses for melting ice and is the preferred choice over common rock salt.

It has several key advantages, the most important being the following:



Industry grade

  •  remove and eliminate snow and ice on the road,high way,parking,airport.
  •   used in oil well,drilling work fluid,dehydrate agent in petrochemical.
  •   remove the dust in the air,the coal mine or other place.
  •   used as floating agent,carrier in refrigeration and waste water treatment.
Calcium Chloride Ice Melt

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
calcium chloride 94%-97% prills
(a) 25kg/50kg/100kg/500kg/ PP woven bag with PE film inside
(b) 500kg or 1000kg/PP/PE/Jumbo Bags;
(c) 25kg *40 bags / pallet/Jumbo Bags
(d) 25 lb/ 20lb bag
(e) According to customers requirements
chloride ice melt

chloride ice melt


Using Calcium Chloride Ice Melt


  • Make sure you are wearing thick protective clothing including gloves and a mask.
  • Use Calcium Chloride in moderation. Over-application may harm concrete, vegetation and other surface areas.
  • Use mats in entranceways to to prevent tracking.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after applying this chemical.
  • This product may cause skin irritation for some individuals.
  • If skin irritation occurs, rinse with water, remove and wash contaminated clothing, and consult a physician.
  • This product may cause eye irritation. If eye irritation occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes and call physician. Harmful if swallowed. If ingested, give water, induce vomiting and call physician immediately.




Buy rock salt

rock salt where to buy ?

Rock salt considered the gold of Egypt in the coming period since the discovery of the salt mines in the Western Desert in Egypt, represented by Siwa salt and AL Qattara salt .

Since the discovery of rock salt in Egypt, importers from all over the world are rushing to buy Egyptian rock salt.



Rock salt where to buy from Egypt ?

When  decide to buy rock salt You should look for some factors in the rock salt supplier.

·         An Egyptian registered company

  • A company specialized in the manufacture of salt and has been exporting to many countries

·         Quality certificate for the company’s product.

where to buy rock salt

where to buy rock salt
where to buy rock salt

Specification of rock salt where to buy:-

  • Egyptian rock salt is characterized by transparent crystalline color.
  • The purity of salt and sodium chloride is 99% in the extracted nature rock salt and the moisture content is close to 1%

Uses of rock salt : – 




  Why Choose EM Salt?

The Leader in Its Sector

EM Salt  means choosing the Egyptian salt leader in bulk salt industry.

Salt: in great demand, especially in Europe countries and USA.

we offers high quality Egyptian salt either rock salt or sea salt.

We provide all packing of salt and bulk salt according customer request.

Fast-growing markets (Africa, Canda, USA, Eastern Europe, etc) are a key focus of our strategic development plan.

these markets capture more than  50% of Salt Business sales whether it is deicing salt , industrial salt or table salt.

Salt one of the most consumed commodities in the world,

Egyptian salt plays a pivotal role in the global share of salt exports. Egypt annually produces about 5 million tons of sea salt and rock salt.

 EM Salt A Company dedicated to innovation

Innovation is a strategic priority for the Company.

The company is always keen to develop the Egyptian salt industry.

through the use of the latest technology of the manufacture of table salt and other types,

produced through the factories of the company in Cairo and North Sinai.

we are leading country in the salt industry for thousands of years and currently occupies the 15th position in the world’s salt-producing countries.

Egypt is characterized by the presence of lakes and depressions, which are flooded by seawater.

which helped in the spread and establishment of natural and industrial solar lagoons on the shores of these lakes, as they are primary areas of concentration in the salt industry.

Bulk salt

is one of the world’s highest quality cultivars. A clean natural environment and natural lakes contribute to the production of the best types of sea salt.

In addition to the dry mountain desert environment in the Western Desert contributes to the production of high quality rock salt purity.







EM SALT working in the field of extraction of bulk rock salt from the Siwa Oasis, Qattara in Western Desert of Egypt, which is characterized as high sodium chloride, which reaches more than 99% and the moisture percentage than 0.5 % , to 1% with the production rates of up to one million tons a year.

ROCK SALT  meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification D632 and is treated with yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) as an anti-caking agent.


NACL : > 98%

Moisture : < 1.5%

low sulfate

standard (ASTM) specification D632 type 1 , bs 3247



When you want a Producer and exporter of salt save your time, money and be sure that you will get your salt according to required Standard.

You have one stop solution for all your salt needs -EMSALT is one of the leading export and logistic companies in Egypt.

We have years of experience and wide network of business partners inside and outside Egypt to offer you a comprehensive solution about salt .

we offer you a range of specification package that includes Industrial salt , Road deicing salt , Food salt and, Animal feed salt.


At EMSALT we are trained and experienced in offering advice and designing itineraries to suit your salt needs and budget.

 WE have now the SALT ready in our Yard In Damietta port for Direct loading for any vessel arrive anytime.

We supply our clients with Several Kinds of Salts :

  • De-icing salt for snow melting
  • Industrial salt tablets (tablet salt).
  • Salt granules (granular salt).
  • White-space: pre Salts used in food manufacturing.

  -Chemical Substances:-


  • We provide Industrial salt required for chemical industry.
  • We provide the market with salts and chemicals supplies require.
  • use for water treatment and disinfection of swimming pools.
  • We provide factories with raw materials required for the food manufacturing.
  • We provide all grades of De-icing salt ( 90 :99 % NaCl ) which meet all countries standards.



EGYPT ROCK SALT  is a wealth of gold equivalent in importance. The amount of rock salt in Egypt is estimated at 15 billion tons, which may double in the coming years, especially since it is the purest salt in the world..

Egypt’s salt exports reached 500 million pounds in 2011, but this figure may double eight times in the coming years to reach LE 4 billion. Egypt’s salt will become white gold, which will revive the hopes of the Egyptian mining sector in the presence of a new development locomotive

A salty fortune
The first meeting of the Export Council of Egyptian Mining Industries, which was set up in September, revealed the existence of a huge wealth of natural rock salt in Qatara and Siwa, exceeding 15 billion tons, which ranks Egypt among the top ten in the global salt industry.
Egypt’s exports of salt could double eight times to four billion pounds, instead of half a billion pounds now, if exported as raw salt. This figure is doubly high if salt ore is used in various industrial activities, thus opening the door to development prospects, to create thousands of jobs in Egypt

The best

Egyptian salt

The Geological Survey has considered these discoveries to be an important addition to the Egyptian mining sector, especially since the raw materials discovered in Qatara and Siwa are among the purest natural salt in the world and can be used directly in industry without purification. Its quality exceeds European standards, as proved by tests conducted by the Mineral Resources

Egypt “was producing four million tons out of 300 tons produced by the whole world, and this quantity will double in the future, and Egypt can be one of the top ten in the salt industry.” Dardir pointed out that the Export Council of Mining Industries is considering the export of salt in both rock and oreani, in terms of crude ore. The billions can be achieved by exporting or using it in different industries, as it enters about 50 other industries