EMSALT  work to provide  The Best Quality Of EGYPTIAN EDIBLE SEA SALT According To The International Standards And The Egyptian Used In

Human Salt

Fish Are Considered To Be Fast Food, Which Should Be Taken Care Of

From Damage Or Corruption, Macro Or Partial, By Keeping Them Refrigerated As Fish

Fresh When It Consumes This Image

It Is Known That The Duration Of Keeping The Cooled Fish In The Crushed Snow Does Not Exceed

14 Days While Freezing Can Save The Fish For Much Longer Periods

Ranging From Three Months To One Year Or More Depending On The Type Of Fish


It Is One Of The Oldest Means Of Keeping The Fish And The Conservation Of Salt Is Due To The Extraction Of Water From The Fish And The Presence Of A Solution Of 4% Salt In The Fish Tissue To Delay The Decomposition Of Self And Bacterial And Sodium Chloride Salt Purity Of The Fastest Permeable Fish Tissue Of Salt Impurities And Must Comply With Health Conditions And Specifications Standard In Salt