Egypt salt

The use of Egypt salt was known in ancient times, as it was used throughout the ages in cooking and commerce as the only edible rock” for man.

It is now widely used in all kitchens in the world, either as a butter or as a preservative for certain foods such as meats and venison.

There is no clear information about the first time salt has been used as an essential ingredient in food or as a preservative It is clear that some animals lick some salty rocks randomly and are attracted to it.

Some people also see primitive humans resorting to licking some rocks in order to obtain a salty taste, or they may have discovered that the foods covered by salt are preserved For a longer period .

In fact, the human use of salt may return to very distant times,It should be noted that in most ancient civilizations, salt was considered to be one of the precious things to be used in economic transactions.

 Egypt Salt

Ancient Egyptian deserts have been found in some of the mummies preserved in salty sand (consisting of a mixture of salt and nitron) dating back to 3000 BC. This, although evidenced by the knowledge of the benefits of salt in conservation since the time of the Pharaohs.

However, some historians see that the ancient Egyptians limited their use of salt only in the process of mummification as a dried. and special material in the early stages of the process, and also known other uses of salt in cooking and in religious rites and funerary ceremonies.

The ancient Egyptians are the first to conserve meat with salt, producing the first types of bacon. Some believe it to be one of the first cultures to know salty meats and salted fish.

the first to prepare the salted meats, a famous dish in Mediterranean cities. They are also the first to eat the fruits of the olives soaked in water and a lot of salt.

On the other hand, the Pharaohs were getting salt from some of the solar lanes near the Nile Delta, as well as the trade between them and the cities of the Mediterranean, especially between Libya and Ethiopia,Where there are many types of salt in the ancient Egyptians such as Salt North and Red salt extracted from the city of Manfis, where the Pharaohs famous for their expertise in the export of food such as lentils and wheat, Egyptian Traders. This is the reason why the ancient Egyptians were the first to release salted fish. As a result of Egypt’s consumption of salty foods, they also made salt importers, which brought them great economic benefits.