Salt For Sale


Bulk salt is one of the most required salt products from customers.

salt in bulk is produced in large quantities whether it is sea salt or rock salt.

Egyptian salt in bulk


Egypt produce 3 million salt every year and export from many Egyptian ports in med sea where high equipment required for export bulk salt.

Bulk salt.


salt in bulk always has a competitive price due to the cost of shipping compared to other salt types.

Rock salt for sale.


It is produced in large quantities from Siwa Oasis in western Egypt ,is characterized by high quality and low humidity, making it one of the best types of road salt in the world

Sea salt .


We have more than three marine salines in the eastern coast of Egypt in North Sinai, where the purely natural environment necessary to manufacture high-quality marine salt.


Loading salt in bulk.

Salt In Bulk

Salt In Bulk

  • It is filled by direct loading inside vessel holds.
  • Filled by jumbo bags to protect from Impurities especially in industrial salt approved for human consumption.