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Qatara salt qatara salt Salt is gold Egypt in the coming years Egypt has a wealth of natural rock salt in Qatara low and Siwa Oasis. Qatara salines can be divided into 580 saline , each of 9 square kilometers. The Qattara Depression, located [...]

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SEA SALT SEA SALT salt is one of the essential elements used in human food and many other industries.  BULK SALT Egyptian bulk salt The advantage of loading Sea salt in bulk is reducing the cost of packing if used directly in [...]

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Calcium Chloride Ice Melt: Information Calcium Chloride used by commercial businesses for melting ice and is the preferred choice over common rock salt. It has several key advantages, the most important being the following: ICE MELT Industry grade  remove and eliminate snow and ice [...]

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SALT SUPPLY CO EM SALT supply Egypt salt to all its distributors and customers over worldwide with the best competitive prices. SALT PRICE The company always offers some offers and discounts especially for new customers and long-term contracts to help its clients to offer the best products at [...]

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Extract salt from the sea  Extract salt from seawater is a method known since ancient times for drilling shallow ponds connected to the sea by short channels. wide areas, a small depth and a suitable amount of water can absorb large amounts of sunlight. The basins [...]

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